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Quoting widget

Don't lose potential clients by making them wait!

Try Regular widget

Integrate our Quote Widget directly into your website and allow potential customers to instantly get an approximate price for their prints in 3 easy steps!


Customer data

Firstly, customers provide their contact information, as a generated quote is approximate and further communication is then needed for finalizing an offer.


Model upload

Customers upload their .STL file/s and and the system estimates each model, using parameters you have predefined for the widget.


Quote submission

After the customer has reviewed the models and estimated prices they can finalize their quote and submit it to you.


Powered by buildplatez

Powered by buildplatez

The Widget is supercharged by utilizing many of the features of the BuildPlateZ App

Being part of the BuildPlateZ App, the quote widgets share the materials, configurations, machines, etc. of your organization within the App and makes the whole process of turning a Quote from a potential customer into a print job and order smooth and easy for you and your customers. 

easy to set up

easy to set up

With just a few clicks you can have a new quote widget up and running!

Creating a new quote widget is as simple as choosing the parameters, theme color and allowed host, and then pasting the embed code in your website.

simple & fast

simple & fast

Attract customers by making the process of getting a quote as easy as possible

Delays in giving potential customers an approximate price or giving them too many initial options to choose from (material, quality, etc.) often makes them lose interest.



Multiple widgets with different settings

You can add several widgets to your website, configuring each of them with different materials, print settings, cost and multipliers for different purposes.

controlled access

controlled access

Widget keys and Host URL verification for added security

Your organization’s quote widgets work only on your website and can not be abused in any way by third parties.



Customers receive an email, containing all the basic info

After submitting a quote, users receive a customized email which includes models previews, estimated prices, your contact info and the option to submit more quotes on your website. 



Customer data & models are not stored unless the quote is finalized

Information and files that users provide are not stored on the server unless they are part of a finalized quote a customer submitted.

Customized Quote emails for your clients

Each Quote email includes:

  • the widget color
  • your company logo & name
  • a unique Quote ID
  • previews of each .stl model
  • estimated prices of each model & total
  • a button for submitting another quote
    (links to your quote widget page)
  • your contact information

Widget setup

All the widget settings allow you to provide customers with a wide variety of options

Widget-specific settings

  • Primary Color

    Can match your brand or distinguish between several widgets

  • Host URL

    The host from where the widget will be loaded (for security)

  • Integration page URL

    The page where the Widget is located - linked in the quote email

  • Currency

    Currently supports BGN, EUR and USD

  • Minimum Price

    The minimum total of a Quote, regardless of estimations

  • Price multiplier

    Price = Estimated cost * multiplyer

& more coming soon!

BuildPlateZ integrated settings

  • Organization details

    Logo, contact info, etc. for Quote emails

  • Printing process

    Currently supports FFF and SLA

  • Material

    Any material you have added to the BuildPlateZ App that is supported by the printing process type

  • Machine

    Specify which of the machine configurations you have added to the BuildPlateZ App to be used for the estimations (material dependent)

  • Configuration

    Choose the exact print config, matching the machine, with all the necessary settings for proper slicing and accurate estimation