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Machines & Configs

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Clients Management



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Print Jobs





A key part of any 3D printing business are the materials, their storage and more importantly their efficient, fast and accurate management. This is why BuildPlateZ pays a lot of attention to details related to material management.

Track materials efficiently

You have the freedom to keep track of your materials as detailed or summarized as you need and like.

Automatic tracking

Printing / wasting a part in a Job automatically deducts the used material from the available amount.

Allocation of materials

When estimating a print job, the material needed for printing is “reserved” by being allocated and ready to be used.

Total net worth?

Your accounting wants to know how much money you have put into materials? With automatic updates you can check available totals at any time.

Warning! Not enough material!

If the allocated material for print jobs exceeds the amount you have in stock, BuildPlateZ will warn you.

Automatic unpacking

Materials are kept in unopened packages and quantity of opened material. If material needed for printing is not enough, BuildPlateZ unpacks a new package.

Machines play a major role in your 3D printing business as they do most of the work. This is why properly managing them and their cost is important. What is a 3D printer without its configurations?

Individual machine characteristics

Add your different machines and their properties such as build volume, process type, supported materials, etc.

Configuration import and templates

You can directly import config files from PrusaSlicer (other slicers soon) or use one of the provided starting templates.

Precise estimation

Each machine has its own hourly cost rate, as well as fixed startup cost and startup time that is also taken into account.

Configuration override

You have the freedom to individually override configuration parameters when creating a specific print job.

Multiple configurations

You can have multiple configurations added to a machine and simply select which one to be used, just like in a slicer!

FFF & SLA are supported!

You can manage both FFF and SLA machines and configurations.

Quickly create several different quote widgets and integrate them with your existing website, making it 100x times easier for clients to get an accurate quote without having to wait or you doing extra work.

3 easy steps for customers

Contact information -> Models upload – estimated price -> Quote submission

Customizable customer emails

After submitting a quote customers receive a branded email containing the quote details. For more info see Organization.

Integrated with BuildPlateZ

Use your machines, configurations and materials that you already have in BuildPlateZ.

Secure in every way

Several security measures prevent 3rd party abuse. Customer data and models are not stored unless a quote is submitted.

Price modifiers

You have the freedom to set the widget currency, minimum price and a price multiplier (margin).

Effortlessly manage your clients and all their billing and shipping information.

Multiple delivery addresses

Clients, especially companies, have different billing and delivery addresses, often even more than two. Client management in BuildPlateZ allows storing multiple addresses and contact persons within a single client.

Billing information

Currently, client billing information can be stored, but our development timeline includes adding invoicing capabilities in the future

A 3D file has the potential to be so much more than just a file. BuildPlateZ tries to help you as much as possible with managing and optimizing your print models.

Model optimization

BuildPlateZ calculates the unprintability score of a model and can try to optimize printing the model by suggesting the optimal print orientation for the selected process.

Built-in 3D viewer

Our 3D viewer allows you to preview the model in the orientation it will be printed in. This includes the original orientation the file was uploaded in, and an optimized one.

Client-specific models

You can organize models based on the clients you print them for.

Print Jobs is where most of BuildPlateZ’s features unite, giving you a powerful tool that estimates cost, tracks material usage and helps you manage production.

Job features

Custom Job statuses

Status categories are deeply tied to how BuildPlateZ works, but you can have as many custom statuses in each category as your operational needs require.

Outdated parameters check

Updated a print config, model or material? Want to know which Jobs might be affected by this change? We got you covered!

Accurate estimation of costs

When creating a job and choosing models, print configs and materials, BuildPlateZ slices and estimates the production costs as accurately as possible.

Actually producing parts

You can manage individual parts and mark them as successfully printed or failed to print, providing BuildPlateZ with the real data on material usage and print time.

Material availability check

BuildPlateZ lets you know if the material needed for printing a Job is actually available in stock or not.

Endless possibilities

Compare initial estimates with the actual costs once a Job is complete, reprint wasted parts, changing settings, keep track of statuses

A key part of any 3D printing business are the materials, their storage and more importantly their efficient, fast and accurate management. This is why BuildPlateZ pays a lot of attention to details related to material management.

Material usage statistics

Track each material’s usage for a selected period of time for both printed and wasted parts.

Wastage statistics

Get better insights into why your prints fail using wastage statistics, indicating the amount of material wasted per waste reason.

Plenty more to come!

We are constantly working on improving BuildPlateZ and listening to our users!

Whether you are flying solo for now or you are a team, presenting yourself to your clients and managing your team internally is important.

Users management

As an organization admin you can invite and manage users within your organization.

Custom communications

Adding your organization logo and custom SMTP settings allows for your clients to receive customized emails from you.

Organization-specific parameters

Every organization is different and works differently so customizing things like print job statuses organization-wide is crucial.

BuildPlateZ PWA

Get even more out of BuildPlateZ by installing it as a PWA on any desktop or mobile device, making using the platform easier and more convenient!

Coming soon!

Meanwhile, you can contact us or join the BuildPlateZ Discord server.